Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Help Send Sarah to Costa Rica to represent the USA

If you want to help send Sarah to Costa Rica to represent the USA click here and donate in her name! http://web.me.com/usraftteamco/USRT/SUPPORT.html
any and all donations will be greatly appreciated!

check out the great article in the Steamboat Pilot here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hucking great weekend!

All I can say is that im still stoked from last weekend.  Saturday Big South with Sarah and Ashley, and Sunday Crystal Gorge with Brian Burger, Chris Menges, Sean Lee, Andy Blakesly, and Tom Janney.  
Here are some highlight photos!
Sarah running safety at double trouble.  Photo: Ashley Watts
Dan dropping in on Double Trouble. Photo: Ashley Watts
Super good feeling when you land it. Photo: Ashley Watts

Sunday I got to go do Crystal Gorge! Stoked!
 If your name is Danny something and you recognise this boat we found it; its right after the put in for the upper gorge on river right.  It it destroyed but you need to go get your stuff.  Photo: Dan Piano
Brian Burger in one of the typical rapids before you drop into the inner.  Photo: Dan Piano
Chris Menges looks on as Burger sends another super fun boof! Photo: Dan Piano
Sean Lee probing.  Photo: Dan Piano
Dan trying out the left line on Pine Tree. Photo: Brian Burger
Tom Janey post Pine Tree.  Photo: Dan Piano
Scouting Zute from the river right side looking back up the gorge. Photo: Dan Piano
River right scout on Zute looking into the inner. Photo: Dan Piano
We wanted some more beta so we rallied over to river right and scouted.  Check out the tunnel!  Photo: Dan Piano
Sean Lee probing Zute leading the charge into the depths of the Inner Crystal Gorge.  Photo: Dan Piano
Andy firing.  Photo: Dan Piano
Chris dropping Zute!  Photo: Dan Piano
Burger likes Zute!  Photo: Dan Piano
Sean Lee setting up to scout on river right.  Photo: Dan Piano
Blakeslee charging! Photo: Dan Piano
Tom Janey styling.  Photo: Dan Piano
Horizon line. Photo: Dan Piano
Burger boofing with the wall.  Photo: Dan Piano
Chris Menges showing the money line with style.  Photo: Dan Piano
Burger routting into the bottom set.  Photo: Dan Piano
Tom scouting Millers falls.  What you see here is pretty much the whole take out eddy.  Photo: Dan Piano
Top of Millers. Photo: Dan Piano

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yule Creek

Yule creek has been on the RCRE hit list for years and last weekend we got to fire it up.  First off, Marble CO is off the hook for boating.  The views are incredible and the geology is conducive to making sick waterfalls and slides.  What else do you want folks? 
Marble Colorado. Photo: Dan Piano
Dan and Burger getting ready to fire. Photo: Sarah Hamilton

We got to Yule around 2:00pm and began to assess the situation.   The flow on the Avalanche creek gauge was around 1000.   We had beta on wood in the upper drops so we decided to rope down and fire what has been haunting Brian and me for years; the bottom four.  
Lowering the boats (look closely).  Photo: Sarah Hamilton
Ball Check.  Photo: Dan Piano
Burger & Dan scoping ball to wall check.  Photo: Sarah Hamilton

Note! When you get down to creek level it looks a lot different than it does from up high.  Wall check drops out steep in the beginning and the massage is HUGE!
Dan on Wall Check.  Photo: SH
Burger about to connect with the wall! Photo: SH
Scouting Oriental Massage before the rain comes in.  Photo: SH
Oriental and Happy Ending from the bottom.  We are up in the top left scouting.  Photo:SH
Burger recovering and lining up happy ending.  Photo:SH
Dan on Oriental Massage(dot on top right)....it's freaking HUGE! Photo SH
Dropping in on oriental massage is one of the coolest feelings.  I ended up launching off the first big flake reconnecting and then airing the rest into the pool.  Sorry no vid, the camera was in my boat.
Dan lining up the ending.  Photo: SH
Leaving Marble looking back at the rainbow filled Yule drainage.  Photo: Dan Piano
New plastic finally got broken in.  Photo: Dan Piano
Sarah tearing up the Glenwood wave to finish the day off!  Photo: DP

Check out this short vid i put together.  

Yule Creek from Dan Piano on Vimeo.

Yule and the G-spot all in one day.. Awesome!  

Monday, June 7, 2010

Highest Water Fish

Marty Smith and Kevin Fisher RCRE elite members just dominated Fish creek at the highest its ever been.  The water is coming over the gauge and its reading 1570cfs around 3.5 ft unofficially.  Regardless it was huge.  They put in below the big set on middle and hauled on out.  Fisher broke his backband in the midst of th gnar but dominated in the end.   I think these huge flows are going to clean things up and change rapids for sure.. Be Safe and enjoy the high water!
Fish Creek Falls.  Photo: DP
The Gauge Buried.  Photo DP
The upper weir. scary.  Photo DP
Middle.  Photo:DP
Marty leading his birthday lap.  Fisher following.  Photo DP
yeah boyz! Photo:DP
This sequence gives you and idea of the wood situation.  These are taken right above the take out.