Friday, August 28, 2009

Pic o da Week!

Pick o da week.
    Brian Burger styling Cool World on Big South.
    Adam Mayo is responsible for the shot.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

North Fork of the Crystal to Punchbowl Falls

By:Dan Piano
Looking down the North Fork. Photo: Dan Piano
Mayo scout. Photo: Dan Piano
Mike Geary lapping icing.  Photo:Dan Piano
Brian Burger dropping in. Photo: Dan Piano
Sarah Hamilton dropping into icing.  Photo: Dan Piano
Natalie Kellum styling the icing. Photo: Dan Piano
Dan Piano icing.  Photo: Mike Geary
Sarah Hamilton charging! Photo: Dan Piano
Mike Geary icing Photo:Dan Piano
Brian Burger styling.  Photo: Dan Piano
Mayo cleaning it up. Photo: Dan Piano
Matt Helm focused. Photo: Dan Piano
Geary, Burger, and Mayo Stoked.  Photo: Dan Piano
Burger and Geary Dropping into the next set. Photo: Dan Piano

Sarah & Burger after icing.  Photo: Dan Piano
Dan on Tommy's drop. Photo:Mayo

Burger session.  Photo: Adam Mayo

After our North Fork session we chilled on the rio and enjoyed some of the best camping in Colorado.  The next day we got up and swung over to Punchbowl Falls. 

The driving might be harder than the kayaking.  Photo: Sarah Hamilton
Dan dropping the first one.  Photo: Mike Geary
DK top drop. Photo: Mike Geary
Dan getting ready to head right. Photo: Mike G
DK styling the second drop. Photo: Mike G

Why not? Photo: Sarah Hamilton
Hecktor herding my truck.  Photo: Sarah Hamilton
DK carnage. Photo: Sarah Hamilton
Pyramid Peak. Photo: Dan Piano
Back to Steamboat. Photo Dan Piano