Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lower Fish Creek Video Guide

When things start to reach the out of control range on Upper Fish we look to the more manageable gradient of lower. Lower Fish is a blast! The following video contains some super high water footage. The flows were around 1600 to 1700 cfs aprox. 3.7 on the guage. Its a nonstop roller coaster ride from top to bottom! A good first time flow is in the 2.3 range. Always be heads up for wood in this section! Enjoy the video!

Lower Fish Creek Video Guide from Dan Piano on Vimeo.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Upper Fish Creek Video Guide

Fish Creek is the RCRE's training ground. It's where all the Steamboater's head after work for an adrenaline boost. Fish is a nonstop roller coaster ride from top to bottom. Individually the rapids are not super technical and their is no serious vert to drop but this creek teaches you to be a good boater. It's continuos nature makes your river reading sense on super amber alert causing the adrenalin to flow on a consistent basis. Swimming on Fish usually results with a banged up swimmer and destroyed equipment floating out into the Yampa. Other hazards on the creek include 2 weirs of which should be treated with respect especially the upper one. A few years back a local boater took a swim in the upper weir and almost drown. Another heads up about Fish is the wood. Each day can be different. As the water rises in the spring it takes all of the trees that have fallen in over the winter down with it causing a variety of exciting situations. Once Fish peaks and the water levels start to drop the wood situation seems to stabilize. So if your in the area and keen on boating Fish ask around for current wood issues.
Here is the first of 3 videos im going to make. This first video is intended to be a video guide top to bottom of upper , and the 2nd vid will be middle, and the third will be super high water lower. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

RCRE Northwest dispatch..

RCRE droppen bombs in the Northwest!
Marty Smith checks in with a sweet promo vid from last season and some Nooksack action from outside Bellingham Washington!
Check it out!

Martin Bradley Smith Kayaking the Middle Fork of the Nooksack River. from Martin Smith on Vimeo.

New back yard run just off of of Mt. Baker Highway, the Middle Fork of the Nooksack River. kayaking Winter 2012. Marty Smith

Martin Bradley Smith Kayaking around Colorado and Wyoming in Spring/Summer 2011. (Slater Falls, Oh Be Joyful, Daisy Creek, Elk Box, Fish Creek, Big South, North Fork Little Wind)