Monday, June 7, 2010

Highest Water Fish

Marty Smith and Kevin Fisher RCRE elite members just dominated Fish creek at the highest its ever been.  The water is coming over the gauge and its reading 1570cfs around 3.5 ft unofficially.  Regardless it was huge.  They put in below the big set on middle and hauled on out.  Fisher broke his backband in the midst of th gnar but dominated in the end.   I think these huge flows are going to clean things up and change rapids for sure.. Be Safe and enjoy the high water!
Fish Creek Falls.  Photo: DP
The Gauge Buried.  Photo DP
The upper weir. scary.  Photo DP
Middle.  Photo:DP
Marty leading his birthday lap.  Fisher following.  Photo DP
yeah boyz! Photo:DP
This sequence gives you and idea of the wood situation.  These are taken right above the take out.

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