Sunday, September 6, 2009

Big South 09

I know the Big South stopped flowing a while ago but I wanted to throw up some pics form this season. This run has to be one of my all time favorites. Here are a few pics to get you stoked for next year!
The Put-in high up in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Photo: Adam Mayo
Tom Aex firing up starter fluid. Photo: Adam Mayo
Brian Burger on the fluid. Photo Adam Mayo
Dan on fantasy flight. Photo Adam Mayo
Tom Aex mid flight. Photo Adam Mayo
Dan & Sarah couples creekin. Photo: Adam Mayo
Sarah on the run out of Cool World. Photo: Adam Mayo
Dan on the lead-in to cool world. Photo: Adam Mayo
Burger styling the cool world. Photo: Adam Mayo
Duckyman dropping some knowledge. Photo: Adam Mayo
Dan on taco bobs high water lap. Photo: Adam Mayo
Vintage photo of Nick Hinds on Double Trouble.
Photo: Dan Piano
Ashley Watts dropping the second boof on D troubs.
Photo: Adam Mayo
Big South Moose. Photo: DP

Dropping an RCRE tag at the Drifters Bar outside of Walden CO. Click on this photo and read some of the other tags...Photo: Adam Mayo
can't wait till next year...


  1. I have been in to biker dudes in the past, but I think I am gonna switch to kayakers. You guys are legit!