Monday, September 7, 2009

Bluegrass 09er

So it is officially September and Blue Grass Creek is going off while the surrounding areas are drying up waiting for the winter restock. You can find this late season jem northeast of Lariame, WY on highway 34. Turn on tunnel rd. take a left after the bridge, followed by three more lefts on the 4x4 roads. You end up at the bottom of a hill staring at a river blasting out of a black hole.. For more info on AW click here.

Adam Mayo putting a booooof on stampede! Photo: Kevin Thompson

Scotty Gerber a.k.a. Old Man River boofing micro cherry bomb.
Photo: Kevin Thompson

Dan dropping into Bucking Bronco. Photo Sarah Hamilton

Sarah in the mix of the bronco. Photo: Dan Piano
Sam ran Bucking Bronco blind.  He was wearing some random reading glasses he found on the ground while scouting. I looked through them and couldn't see anything, classic. Photo: Dan Piano

Luc Strickland a.k.a. Luc Karnali stomping out a huge boof! Photo: Dan Piano

Sarah negotiating some wood in the landing. Photo: Dan Piano

Sarah taking it all in..ahhhhh. Photo: Dan Piano

After the main rapid on bucking bronco the river takes a hard left. Around the corner awaits a potential pin rock in the center of the river. Be prepared to drive hard left or right. Once you finish negotiating this first 1/2 mile of choice whitewater you get 20+ fences, miles of class II/III, some IV's and then the

The Main Event is definitely on private property. We met the land owner and wants boaters to be able to scout at the main event. He also said absolutely do not get out of your boat below the Main Event to the take out. Lots of private property in this area, respect!

The entrance to the falls. Photo Dan Piano

Luc Strickland on the lead in of the Main Event. Photo: Dan Piano
Vintage photo of Kevin Fisher stomping out the Main Event. Photo: Kevin Thompson
Sarah Hamilton charging into the depths of the main event. Photo: Dan Piano
Luc Strickland on the Main Event. Photo: Dan Piano
Dan, Main Event. Photo: Luc Strickland

Sarah exiting the room below the falls. Photo: Dan Piano

Sarah approaching the last horizon on the main event. Photo: Luc Strickland

Wyoming. Photo: Dan Piano

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